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  Deutsche Eingabemaske Hobbyhits  

  Our Rules For Adding Your Site
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  • All registered users offer and expect fairness, so please be fair, too!

  • After your registration you will receive the HTML code and some notes per e-mail. Your site will be added to the hit lists about 24hrs. after the first click on the logo on your page. The automatic counter will count every visitor on your site immediately after including the HTML code into your site. On your page the TOP? logo will be displayed, until there is an offical placement for your site.

  • Commercial entries are only permitted for our customers. Info

  • It is strictly forbidden, to place the WebList logo into a non-scrollable frame and thereby make it invisible. The placement display must be always visible (otherwise it would make no sense, or?). In case you break any of our rules, we will send you a note, and ask you to follow our rules. If we cannot find any amendment according to our rules, we will delete your registration.

  • "Tricky manipulations" to the logo calls will be detected from our side. Sites, trying to deceive, will be added to our "Blacklist", where we will list trials of manipulating the counter by ex-users. Of coure, such sites will be deleted immediately from our hit list!

  • The HTML code sent to you must not be modfied or shortened !

  • It is not allowed to include the same HTML code into more than one site (URLs). If we find such case, we will immediately delete the site from our hit list.

  • We explicitely reserve the right to reject any registration without giving any reason !

  • There is no right to being registered to the hit list, only because of filling out this application.

  • Going to law is explicitely excluded.

  • Furthermore we reserve the right to abandon this cost-free service without giving any reason, or to update this service to a newer release.

  • The sites and banner to be registered must not contain any illegal material or pornographic acts or pictures, may it be in words or images or sounds. Included herein are e.g. WAREZ, XXX-Passwords etc. Such links will be immediately deleted, as well as redirects coming from "clean" sites. All entries will be checked periodically, even after registration.

  • The Automatic Counter of Hobbyhits is reload-protected! Normallly, the number of visitors being counted is decreasing thereby, because every visitor is only counted once within a period of 6 hrs. Refresh tags will not work for this reason, as well as any automized program will not!

  • You may login on the main page and on all ranking pages.

  • We do not accept registrations for illegal sites!

  • If you do not enter a banner, we will add a neutral banner for you.

  • Banners are only displayed within the TOP 10.

These rules were made in order to protect our users, they may sound a little bit hard or overstated. Everyone, who cannot agree to them, should not register. Please understand that we cannot allow any links to illegal sites or just promote such sites. We kindly ask for your understanding!

  Add your Website

If you select an item, please send an email with the following information

service-hobbyhits ( at ) rconline.net

  • Title of the page: with a maximum of 80 characters Example: "Maxi's Hobbyseite"

  • The page address (URL) Example   http://www.rconline.net

  • Valid Email Address


You will then receive an email from us with the counter code. These counters code, you can comfortably in your website or homepage Entering.






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Home Hobbyhits | Add Website | User-Login | FAQ | Top 10 Hits

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