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Forget everything you knew about Topsites and other click lists. Who is really interested in how many people clicked on a small .gif on your page? It is much more interesting to get to know, who else visited your page. A simple click does not tell you anything about your real no. of visitors .

We apply a new meaning and dimension to the word hit list with regard to convenience, fairness and evaluation, and we show, where trends point to! Which pages are TOP and which are FLOPs? Our Hobbyhits List can tell you!

And this is, what Hobbyhits can do for you:
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TOP 10 Banner Display

  • Analysis per hours, days, monthes, and total. Graphics.
  • Realtime Statistics
  • Ranking display directly on your homepage.
  • Cost free for private sites !
  • Commercial accounts possible for our commerical customers !
  • Any hobby site, which has a contents of RC sports, modelling, kites, or model railways, may register. *

*(Please no sites, which contain links to illegal sites)

Registration Conditions
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  • The pages to be registered must have a contents of RC sports or modelling. There must not be any limitations regarding the age of the visitor, like "adults only" or similar, neither sites with an X check portal.
  • All registered sites must be possible to be accessed for free.
  • Attention: No links to illegal web sites ! As long as the legal situation of the MP3 music distribution is unclear, (especially illegal copies of GEMA related music), sites offering such MP3 files are not allowed, too!
  • Furthermore: NO WareZ, NO pages containing cracks (crackz, also containing links to such sites), NO XXX, NO racism, or other sites offending against law ! Any site, offending against law, will be reported to the legal authorities. It does not play any roll, whether other web lists allow those sites to register; here we will immediatley delete such registrations! We explicitely reserve the right to reject any registration, and there is no right for your site to be displayed in our ranking list, only because of your application.

Responsible for the contents of any of the registered sites is exclusively the author or webmaster of the site. We do not have any influence on those contents! Please note our legal advice.

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