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Hobbyhits - Frequently Asked Questions

May I include the logo on more than one page?
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No, normally not. An exception is, if you have several pages, through which visitors come to your site, i.e. several portal pages. Our reload filter drops those double page hits in any case. The only effect is a bigger workload for our server, but not a bigger hit count.

May I add MP3-Sites containing legal contents, only?
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Yes. After we checked this site. If there are no links to illegal contents, we will release your entry.

My site's counter shows quite another no. of page hits than the Hobbyhits web list, what is the reason for it?
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The counting mode of a "normal" counter differs very much from that of Hobbyhits. Usually the reload protection of such counters is limited to check for one IP address or a short time period of 30 - 60 min. Our web list memorizes a visitor for 6 hours and does not include such a hit into the ranking lists. Only after these 6 hours the same visitor is counted once more.

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