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This is the first interactive hobby magazine, where you can tell us your opinion! It does not matter whether you talk about the subject, the article, the photos, or anything else. You can directly take influence on the contents of this magazine!

How to rate an article:

bewerten-1.gif (3764 Byte) You may rate any article by using the appropriate push button, either within the directory (see pic.1), or using the button at the bottom of each article (see pic.2).


bewerten-2.gif (6029 Byte) You can rate articles from 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good).

Please be fair!

Your rating is appreciated!

How to read other people's reviews:

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Just click the "Reviews" link in the directory.



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Or just click the "Reviews" link at the bottom of each article.

How to write your on review:

bewerten-5.gif (5074 Byte) Your like to add your comments to the article just read? Your review is welcome! Just click the "Review It" button at the bottom of the article. Your review can be read by all users of this hobby magazine.


bewerten-6.gif (4913 Byte)Important Rules:

  • Review must contain your name and address because of legal issues. We will remove comments having an invalid or anonymous email address.
  • Please give your name and address as follows:

    Joe Miller, 81234 Munich, MFG Munich
  • Please stick to facts! Thanks!

Have a lot of fun!

Your rconline.net team